Ninja Van Malaysia: providing a safe and healthy workplace for employees

Ninja Van Malaysia ensures a safe and healthy working environment for all Ninjas.

It’s no secret that manpower is one of the most valuable assets of any organisation. Dedicated and loyal employees are the foundation of an organisation’s growth and ability.

In recognition of this truth, today has been declared as World Safety and Health Day at Work. The best way for any company to recognise its employees and the value they bring to the workplace is through creating a safe and healthy work environment where employees can thrive.

As a premier courier company, Ninja Van Malaysia ensures its employees are well looked after when it comes to the workplace.

Its Quality Assurance, Health, Safety and Environment (QAHSE) department embraces a pro-safety culture, which is promoted throughout the company at all levels in the interest of protecting the safety and health of all employees according to statutory requirements.

This can also help minimise risk and prevent undesirable incidents and accidents at the workplace to create a safe and wholesome environment where employees have peace of mind as they go about their daily tasks.

“We promote a positive safety and health culture by creating more awareness on the risks and hazards at work through our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) alert, HSE bulletin and HSE posters.

Our top management also gives us full support by being involved in the HSE committee, which includes representatives from various departments,” said Ninja Van Malaysia’s QAHSE department head Fairulhidayah Jaffar.

Other ways in which the department promotes a positive safety culture within the company is by hosting HSE induction sessions to introduce employees to policies and regulations regarding workplace safety, as well as putting up related signages in prominent areas as a reminder to employees to keep themselves and their workplace safe.

Interactive activities such as HSE quizzes and HSE walkabouts are also held, while new HSE programmes are being planned and implemented towards keeping Ninja Van Malaysia as a safe place to work.

Particularly during the pandemic, health and safety are even more important, and stricter measures needed to be put in place to protect employees. As part of essential services in the country, Ninja Van Malaysia’s frontline staff – Ninjas who are involved in operations – need to be at work.

This exposes them to risk of infection, particularly those handling deliveries. Furthermore, in the new normal, more people are ordering goods online, resulting in a high volume of parcels and delivery daily.

QAHSE initiatives at the workplace include handling and monitoring booster programmes for employees.QAHSE initiatives at the workplace include handling and monitoring booster programmes for employees.

“A few of our QAHSE initiatives carried out for employees during the pandemic include equipping our station staff with self-test kits, handling and monitoring booster programmes, as well as generating more awareness on Covid-19 management,” said Fairulhidayah.

“We have also implemented escalation on positive cases via business continuity plans for our core operations.”

Strict adherence to SOPs is practised, such as social distancing.Strict adherence to SOPs is practised, such as social distancing.

Other measures include administering swab tests as needed as well as involvement in the national vaccination programme to ensure all Ninjas are protected as much as possible against the Covid-19 virus.

At workplace premises, 1m demarcations are clearly marked out to ensure social distancing is practised. Constant briefings and dissemination of updates and new information from the government is also held to keep employees updated on the latest developments.

In addition, Ninja Van Malaysia also distributes facemasks to its Ninjas and daily sanitisation is carried out at the workplace. The company also practises strict adherence to pandemic standard operating procedures (SOPs) for utmost precaution and care in accordance with the needs of the times. Signages are prominently displayed to remind everyone to observe the SOPs.

With all these in place, Ninja Van Malaysia is set to put employees’ safety and health first to ensure peace of mind for both the company as well as employees in knowing that they have the safest possible working environment.

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