CUCKOO Titan, Lee Minho’s first choice

WATER consists of over 60% of the body and helps to keep it hydrated. This in turn assists the body to remove wastes, regulate its temperature and maintain proper brain functions.

It even aids in digestion by increasing the absorption of nutrients in food and drinks.

In fact, a human being is able to only survive for three days without water while the body can hold up against food for over two months, which goes to show how crucial this precious liquid is for sustaining life.

In order to gain such benefits, water should be pure and clean, something that can be achieved with today’s water-purifying technology.

That makes the CUCKOO Titan Tankless Mild Alkaline Water Purifier a real treat with its clean lines and powerful water-purifying functions.

It is the newest to join CUCKOO International's line-up of healthy home appliances, in keeping with its mission to offer Malaysians top quality “Beyond Standards” Healthy Appliances.

Superstar Lee Minho joins our very own celebrity Datuk Siti Nurhaliza as CUCKOO Brand Ambassadors 2022.Superstar Lee Minho joins our very own celebrity Datuk Siti Nurhaliza as CUCKOO Brand Ambassadors 2022.

Brand ambassadors

To spread awareness of health appliances for a healthy life, CUCKOO International recently appointed renowned K-celebrity Lee Minho – whose first choice of water purifier is CUCKOO Titan – as its new brand ambassador to #SAMASAMA inspire people to live a healthier life, together with Malaysian ambassador Datuk Sri Siti Nurhaliza.

This multi-talented South Korean actor, singer, model, creative director, and businessman is the most followed K-celebrity on social media and the first Korean celebrity to be honoured with his own wax figure at Madame Tussauds.

“His image, energy and passion fit well with our healthy brand appeal,” said CUCKOO International Founder & Chief Executive Officer Hoe Kian Choon.

“Through continued innovations and partnerships with legendary personalities, we are paving our path to elevate CUCKOO International to being the No.1 ‘Healthy Home Creator’ in Asia.”

Instant 100°C water with CUCKOO Titan

Featuring the brand’s revolutionary technology, this innovative water purifier dispenses boiling water of 100°C instantly, without making you wait for it to boil.

You can even enjoy your water cold, room temperature or multiple hot water settings.

It also dispenses Sterilisation Water through a one-touch function that could eliminate 99.9% of germs* and even pesticides when used to wash vegetables and fruits. (*Tested and proven by Korea Environment & Water Works Institute).

The unit comes equipped with CUCKOO’s very own auto-electrolysis sterilisation technology – In & Out Auto Sterilisation that periodically cleanses its own pipes and faucet, so you know you are drinking the best quality water without worries.

It packs the titanic power of its cutting-edge purifying filtration technology within its space-saving, all-in-one minimalist design. This is possible thanks to the hi-tech filters, Carbon-Composite filter that uses charcoal to cleanse the smells and other residues. It also gets rid of volatile organic compounds and fine particles.

The next layer is a Nano-Positive plus 3.0 filter, which removes particles, rust, iron and metal deposits, as well as bacteria and viruses.

This is the way CUCKOO International ensures all Malaysians have quality drinking water at home, which forms the foundation of healthy living.

The CUCKOO Titan features the brand’s revolutionary technology, which offers a range of temperatures.The CUCKOO Titan features the brand’s revolutionary technology, which offers a range of temperatures.

Affordable and accessible through CUCKOO GOOOODPLAN

Apart from its dedication to innovation and service excellence, CUCKOO International provides accessibility to its wide range of health appliances via its CUCKOO GOOODPLAN.

Through CUCKOO GOOODPLAN, there is a lower barrier to entry price for appliances that are usually costly for many families, making them more affordable so that more people can avail themselves of much-needed appliances to help keep their family in good health.

To bring clean, quality drinking water into your home, through the CUCKOO GOOODPLAN, CUCKOO Titan is offered at a special launch price of RM110* per month, for a limited time only!

It also comes with free scheduled service every four months provided by the CUCKOO+ Service Team. This also includes free filter replacement as well as product warranty.

This helps bring health into Malaysians’ homes, particularly in these times when staying in the best possible health is of utmost importance.

Today, CUCKOO International has empowered more than 4.7 million households to live healthier and happier lives through its innovative Healthy Home solutions.

This is an extension of the company’s dedication to positively impact society through long-term community outreach programmes.

CUCKOO Titan, an innovative water purifier that can dispense boiling water at 100°C instantly.CUCKOO Titan, an innovative water purifier that can dispense boiling water at 100°C instantly.

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