Protecting your eyes from harmful blue light

WHO’S guilty of reaching out to the smartphone first thing in the morning when you wake up?

Scrolling on social media, watching the television, playing video games and attending virtual meetings on your laptop – It is safe to say that most of us spend a lot of time staring at screens, especially in today’s new normal for work and leisure.

The surge in screen-time shows Malaysians spend almost a quarter of their day on social media, with 17% spending more than nine hours a day checking their social media accounts (1).

According to global research, consumers are using multiple devices where an average of more than three different devices are simultaneously being used for various activities (2) per person.

With the amount of screentime reaching record highs, should you be concerned about the blue light streaming into your eyes?

What is blue light?

There are two types of blue light on the visible light spectrum – beneficial blue light or blue-turquoise light, and harmful blue light or blue-violet light.

Beneficial blue light helps to regulate a healthy sleep-wake cycle and is also essential to pupil function as well as physical and emotional health.

Harmful blue light, which includes ultraviolet (UV), is present almost everywhere – indoor and outdoor through electronic screens, LED lights, fluorescent lights and of course, sunlight.

Prolonged screen time causes an overexposure to harmful blue light! This affects your eye health resulting in headache, visual fatigue, eye strain and other serious eye conditions. Wear blue light lenses to protect your eyes from harmful blue light.

Whether you are staring at screens or spending time outdoors, it is vital to protect your eyes by blocking out harmful blue light while letting beneficial light pass through.

Protecting your eyes

As the leading provider in the eyecare industry, Essilor is committed to create awareness on healthy vision and offer solutions to meet the needs of today’s lifestyle to protect your eyes.

This protection can be found in Essilor Blue Light Protection Lenses with Crizal Blue UV Capture Lenses. Here are three reasons why these lenses give better blue light protection:

1. With its smart-filtering feature to block out harmful blue-violet light (3), Crizal Blue UV Capture Lenses allows beneficial blue light to pass through.

2. The front and back surfaces of Crizal Blue UV Capture Lenses have UV protection of up to E-SPF35 (4). This serves as daily protection for your eyes and prevents harmful lasting effects of UV rays.

3. Crizal Blue UV Capture Lenses also provides up to three times (5) more protection against harmful blue-violet light than traditional or regular prescription lenses.

In a nutshell, Crizal Blue UV Capture provides visual clarity and comfort with protection against the seven enemies of clear vision – reflections, scratches, smudges, dust, water, UV and harmful blue-violet light.

Happiness Offer

In conjunction with World Sight Day, everyone is entitled to the Happiness Offer by Essilor at your nearest participating optical store.

From now till Nov 30, purchase any pair of Essilor Crizal Blue UV Capture Lenses and get a complimentary pair of single vision lenses from Crizal, while stocks last. Crizal Sapphire Lenses or Crizal Easy UV stock lenses are available as the complimentary pair.

To locate your nearest optical store, click here.

To learn more about Essilor’s lenses to protect from harmful blue light, click here.

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(3) Blue UV Capture lens feature blocks at least 20% of harmful blue-violet light (up to 455nm, with the greatest toxicity between 475-455nm). For Polycarbonate concave lenses, the harmful blue light blocking percentage might be slightly lower.

(4) Blue UV Capture lens feature combined with Crizal® coating have a front and back side UV protection up to E-SPF35 index.

(5) Up to 3 times more blue light protection with Crizal Blue UV Capture. Regular prescription lenses = 1.5 or Poly material (without blue protection) with Crizal Forte UV coating at equal center-thickness. Blue UV Capture lens feature blocks at least 20% of harmful blue-violet light (up to 455nm, with the greatest toxicity between 415-455nm). For Polycarbonate concave lenses, the harmful blue light blocking percentage might be slightly lower.

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