Outdoor water filter that cleans three ways

The PRIME X3 Outdoor Water Filter aims to ensure every drop of water that flows into our home is effectively filtered.

WATER is essential to our daily lives. This compound holds many benefits and uses like upholding your personal and home hygiene.

While the importance of water might be well-known, how well-versed are we about the cleanliness of our water supply?

Although the water that enters our home is treated, pipes that transport treated water might be old, rusty and rarely cleaned, so there is still a possibility that water gets contaminated during transportation.

This begs the question: Is our water clean?

Besides that, using tap water that is not clean could lead to a plethora of problems and inconveniences like cloudy water, odour or a funny taste, among others.

The good folks at CUCKOO have reinvented its new and improved PRIME X3 Outdoor Water Filter with the aim to ensure every drop of water that flows into our home is effectively filtered.

Three ways to clean

The outdoor water filter not only keeps itself clean, but also provides us with clean water for our household.

The filter system ensures that we have clean water always as it comes equipped with three filtration and flushing features:

1. Re-engineered PVDF 2.0 Ultra-Filtration Membrane: An ultra-filtration essentially uses pressure to push water through its membrane that filters out contaminants. This re-engineered filter is among the first-of-its-kind in Malaysia that is designed to eliminate dirt, rust, sediment and harmful bacteria from our water source. The brand shares that 0.05 microns would be the ideal pore size to effectively eliminate water pollutants and reduce clogging.

2. PRIME-X Flush System: This allows you to manually flush the filter to gain maximum performance. It reserves the flow of water and flushes out dirty water and sediment from the filter to the drain to reduce clogging. Plus, this process helps ensure the water is clean after flushing is complete, thus extending the life cycle of the filter and ensuring the water filter continues to stay in the best condition, for the best performance.

3. Automated Flushing System: If you like to set it and forget it, CUCKOO has got you covered. This outdoor water filter also comes with an auto timer setting that periodically flushes the system to keep it clean. It automatically flushes for one minute in eight-hour intervals for a hassle-free experience.

The PRIME X3 Outdoor Water Filter's design fits seamlessly into any exterior design and its compact nature will fit any home size.

This easy-to-install filter system in a stainless-steel vessel is waterproof, which helps prolong the filter's durability.

Adding to the hassle-free aspect to this outdoor filter, the PRIME X3 does not use an electric system. CUCKOO extols its electric-free system as safe, economical and convenient.

Free Service

The brand offers its 2,000-strong CUCKOO+ Service Team to help customers with inquiries or trouble-shooting anytime.

Customers get free service every six months, which would include the six checkpoints of water source, product cleanliness, auto timer, leakage test, product surface and performance.

Interested in purchasing an outdoor water filter? Under the CUCKOO GOOODPLAN, you can gain access to up to six plans from as low as RM85 per month for a duration as short as 18 months.

If you have a water filter or water purifier and would like to trade in, try CUCKOO’s GOOOD Trade-In promotion. You can trade in any water purifier or outdoor water filter for the PRIME X3 and get a rebate of RM800 and purchase it at only RM1,600.

For more information, visit cuckoo.com.my or follow them on Facebook @CUCKOOInternational.

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