OCM hoping several NSAs will settle their dues

KUALA LUMPUR: Old habits die hard.

The Indonesia Asian Games ended eight months ago but several National Sports Associations (NSA) have yet to pay their dues to the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM).

OCM deputy president Datuk Seri Abdul Azim Mohd Zabidi wants the respective associations to settle the bill amounting to RM500,000.

Abdul Azim, who was the chef de mission, did not reveal the associations but said they are those who registered their athletes under category B (self funded).

“Two have settled their payments, another two have paid the advance while another have not paid anything.

“I really hope these associations will contact us soon,” said Abdul Azim after chairing the executive board meeting.

Abdul Azim added that in order not to face similar issues ahead of the Philippines SEA Games from Nov 30-Dec 11 this year, OCM want all associations registering their athletes under category B to settle their payments in full.

“The NSAs will have to put up a 50% deposit and settle the remaining amount before we leave for the Philippines.

“This is the hard lesson we learnt from the Asian Games. When you let them be, it’s so hard to get back the money.”

OCM are expected to meet soon to decide on the two deputy chef de missions for the Games.

OCM and the National Sports Council will pick a candidate each to help chef de mission Datuk Megat Zulkarnain Omardin.

This is necessary as the Games will be held in Manila, Clark City and Subic.

The Malaysian contingent are expected to number more than 700 athletes as 56 sports will be contested.