PGM humbled in Ryder Cup-style PGM-IGT Cham­pionship

PETALING JAYA: The Pro­fessional Golf of Malaysia (PGM) were no match for the Indonesian Golf Tour (IGT) after being humbled 14½-8½ in the Ryder Cup-style PGM-IGT Cham­pionship.

The 12-man Malaysian side, led by R. Nachimuthu, travelled to Bogor this week aiming to retain the trophy they won so effortlessly in the inaugural edition at home last year.

But the visitors found the going tough when they went down 7-1 after the two opening foursomes and fourball sessions at the Riverside Golf Club on Tuesday.

Although the PGM returned stronger the next day, they could only claim four of the eight points on offer to reduce the deficit to 11-5.

That left the Malaysians needing to win nine out of yesterday’s 12 singles matches for victory.

Wins by Sukree Othman, Khor Kheng Hwai, Kim Leun-kwang, M. Sasidaran and Airil Rizman Zahari proved in vain when Benny Kasiadi’s 2-up triumph sealed the home side’s victory with a final score of 14½-8½.

Also in the PGM squad were Shahriffuddin Ariffin, Irfan Yusoff, Wafiyuddin Abdul Manaf, Kemarol Baharin, Kenneth Tobuse and Amir Nazrin Jailani.



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IGT bt PGM 14½-8½



Morning foursomes

Danny Masrin-Elki Kow (Ina) bt Khor Kheng Hwai-M. Sasidaran Muthiah 1-up; Ian Andrew-Joshua Andrew Wirawan bt Airil Rizman Zahari-Wafiyuddin Abdul Manaf 3&2; Adrian Halimi-Rinaldi Adiyandono bt Amir Nazrin Jailani-Shariffuddin Ariffin 1-up; George Gandranata-Fajar Win Nuryanto bt R. Nachimuthu-Sukree Othman 5&4.

Afternoon fourball

Fajar Nuryanto-George Gandranata (Ina) bt Kenneth Tobuse-Amir Nazrin Jailani 5&4; Ian Andrew-Joshua Andrew Wirawan (Ina) bt Airil Rizman Zahari-Shahrifuddin Ariffin 4&2; Danny Masrin-Benny Kasiadi (Ina) bt Kemarol BaharinIrfan Yusoff 1 up; Khor Kheng Hwai-Kim Leunkwang bt Clement Kurniawan-Rory Hie (Ina) 3&2. *Indonesia lead 7-1



Morning foursomes

Adrian Halimi-Rinaldi Adiyandono (Ina) bt Khor Kheng Hwai-Kim Leun-kwang 1-up; M. Sasidaran-Kenneth Tobuse bt George Gandranata-Fajar Nuryanto (Ina) 3&1; Sukree Othman-Kemarol Baharin bt Ian AdrewJordan Andrew Wirawan 3&2; Danny Masrin-Elki Kow (Ina) bt Wafiyuddin Abdul Manaf-Irfan Yusoff 5&4.

Afternoon fourball

R. Nachimuthu-Amir Nazrin Jailani bt Danny Masrin-Adrian Halimi (Ina) 5&4; Elki Kow-Rinaldi Adiyandono (Ina) bt Airil Rizman Zahari-M.Sasidaran 3&1; Kim Leun-kwang-Wafiyuddin Abdul Manaf bt Benny Kasiadi-Indra Hermawan (Ina) 1-up; Rory Hie-Clement Kurniawan (Ina) bt Sukree Othman-Sharifuddin Ariffin 6&4. *Indonesia lead 11-5




Adrian Halimi (Ina) bt Amir Nazrin Jailani 3&2; Rinaldi Adiyandono (Ina) bt Sharifuddin Ariffin 4&3; Sukree Othman bt Clement Kurniawan 2&1; Khor Kheng Hwai bt Fajar Nuryanto (Ina) 3&1; Kim Leun-kwang bt Elki Kow (Ina) 3&2 Joshua Andrew Irawan (Ina) bt Kemarol Baharin 1-up; Danny Masrin (Ina) bt Kenneth Tobuse 2-up; M. Sasidaran bt Rory Hie 1-up; Airil Rizman Zahari bt Ian Andrew (Ina) 1-up; George Gandranata (Ina) bt Irfan Yusoff 2-up; Benny Kasiadi (Ina) bt Wafiyuddin Abdul Manaf 2-up; R. Nachimuthu halved Indra Hermawan (not contested) 


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