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Lifestyle 03 Jan 2003 | 12:00 AM

Looking for new blood

DESPITE the lack of finances, rumours are already spreading about movements and manoeuvres during the current transfer window, writes SHAUN ORANGE.

Lifestyle 03 Jan 2003 | 12:00 AM

Last gig at Old Trafford

FOOTBALLCHANNEL.COM finds out whether Ferguson#8217;s move to bench his favourite winger Ryan Giggs means the end of the Old Trafford road for the Welshman.

Health 05 Jan 2003 | 12:00 AM

Money talks

How often have we heard individuals say they abhor plastic surgery? Very often, I#8217;m sure. But if there#8217;s so much contempt in the air, why does the crowd continue to stream into these clinics?

Lifestyle 17 Jan 2003 | 12:00 AM

Lots of Words Speaking Nothing?

They have been at a great feast of languages, and stolen the scraps.

Lifestyle 21 Jan 2003 | 12:00 AM

Are You Bethumping Them with Words?

BACK to brevity being the soul of wit. In many business situations, the minds of the receivers can absorb only so much before they go on overload.

Lifestyle 22 Jan 2003 | 12:00 AM

Is Your English Frittered?

MISTAKES in grammar, usage, or fluency will stand out to astute receivers.

Lifestyle 23 Jan 2003 | 12:00 AM

Activating Brain Before Mouth

PERCHANCE have you ever been guilty of this, making some rash statement or doing some spur-of-the-moment act that later came back to haunt you?

Lifestyle 26 Jan 2003 | 12:00 AM

Singularly happy

Compare last week#8217;s tragicomedic antics of Jean Senthil with this week#8217;s assessment of a sanguine state of singlehood by ALEXANDRA WONG.

Lifestyle 28 Jan 2003 | 12:00 AM

Voice for the Natives

A native American, he was raised on a reservation, where his family still lives. Taught by Jesuits, he became a songwriter, comedian, poet and filmmaker and was hailed as one of the best young American novelists. His work subverts ideas of the nobly suffering Indian and often presents the hard reality of urban life. DUNCAN CAMPBELL reports.

Lifestyle 30 Jan 2003 | 12:00 AM

Legends of the ram

IN CHINESE astrology, the goat is sometimes referred to as the ram (adult male sheep). According to legend, the ram, which ranks eighth among the 12 zodiac signs, had a big heart and saved all humanity. It was no lowly animal which was killed as a sacrifice to the gods. Folklore has it that it was a celestial animal before it angered the Jade Emperor.