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Strokes of hope

For a group of special needs individuals, learning to swim opens up possibilities, from gaining agility to racing for glory.


A lovely day for a picnic... with the dead

Cemeteries were once intended as public parks, where the living could enjoy nature right alongside (or rather on top of) the dearly departed.


Belum-Temengor rainforest: Malaysia's green gold

What we learned on a field trip to Pulau Banding with a bunch of scientists.


Is strength training safe for teenagers?

Muscle strengthening activities like weight training can be beneficial for teens.


Jenny Slate is a sweet dog in Secret Life Of Pets

Actress Slate is animation’s secret weapon.


Are Aziz Ansari's parents more famous than him?

Actor casts his real parents in Master Of None.


This is where the atomic bomb was created

This site is the bomb – the atomic bomb to be precise. The Hanford Site offers more than a history lesson in America’s past.


5 movies that feature extreme sports

Extreme sports have often been featured in action-packed movies, so here are some that will satisfy your cravings for that adrenaline rush.


Rob Lowe keeps on grinding

After more than three decades in the industry, Rob Lowe lets loose.

Food News

Carlsberg recreates historic lager with old yeast

Project ReBrew sees Carlsberg going back in time to recreate a classic brew.