Courtesy in pronouncing one’s name

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  • Thursday, 20 Jun 2019

ONE’S name is music to one’s ears, so it is only natural to pronounce names properly.

At functions, some names are wrongly pronounced, to the chagrin of the person concerned. I vividly remember an incident when this happened. It was at a function to honour high achievers of a certain examination, and it would have been a proud moment for all those involved.

But sadly, when the name of one recipient was called, it was pronounced wrongly and referred to one of the opposite gender. It must have spoilt that person’s day but the master of ceremonies was oblivious to the gross blunder and no apologies were offered.

When a person is given the responsibility to announce the names of people at functions, one should diligently check how the names should be pronounced. This is professionalism.

At work, when the names of clients, customers or patients have to be called, some effort must be taken to check the correct pronunciation. It would surely make the individual involved feel respected, especially those of the older generation.

For any relationship to develop, be it personal or business, one has to know the name, remember it and, most importantly, pronounce it correctly.

A conversation started by pronouncing the other person’s name incorrectly could lead to an unceremonious and abrupt end.

Due importance has to be given to how names are pronounced, as it is the basic mark of respect to a fellow human being.




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