Discontinue discounts for summonses

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  • Saturday, 09 Feb 2019

FOR years, the police, Road Transport Department (JPJ) and local councils had been giving out huge discounts, yet there are still millions of traffic summonses and compounds unpaid.

This shows that the discounts were not effective and on the contrary, sent the wrong message to motorists, that it does not pay to be law-abiding and settle on time as those who do will not enjoy the discounts given out later.

The whole point of issuing summonses and compounds is to deter motorists from committing traffic offences.

In countries where the authorities are strict in enforcing their traffic regulations and ensure that all traffic summonses and compounds are effectively collected, their motorists are more careful in committing traffic offences which helps reduce accidents.

It is pointless to issue summonses and compounds and not enforce collection.

The purpose of having cameras and speed traps are to make motorists observe the speed limits and not catch them to issue summonses. As such, signs should be put up in advance to warn them.

It was reported that some Australian local councils will be giving motorists a grace period of 10 minutes from the expiry of their parking period. This shows that the local councils were not interested in issuing compounds but would rather enforce regulations judiciously.

Serious efforts must be made to resolve the millions of unpaid summonses and compounds.

The authorities must send the right message to motorists through strict enforcement of our traffic regulations. Giving discounts is not working and should be discontinued.


Subang Jaya

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