MACC must leave no stone unturned to nab mole

  • Letters
  • Sunday, 14 Oct 2012

IT is really disgusting to read that a mole in the Cameron Highlands District Office has been giving “tips” to outsiders resulting in unsuccessful raids to nab the culprits who are responsible for illegal land clearing in the highlands. “MACC to go mole hunting in Cameron Highlands” (The Star, Oct 12).

These moles can be found in many government agencies which deal with the public and if these dishonest civil servants are not nabbed, it will defeat the Government’s efforts to enforce the law on transgressors who get away with their crimes as they will disappear before being caught in the act, thanks to tips from insiders.

MACC should get to the bottom of the leakages at the Land Office in Cameron Highlands and charge the guilty party for corruption and abetment with third parties to frustrate their officers from enforcing the law.

Surely we cannot have traitors in our midst who can be likened to the Malay proverb “Musuh dalam selimut” or the English version “Sleeping with the enemy”.

The highlands is today a pale shadow of itself — a place where people loved to visit due to its coolness and greenery which is a balm for the souls of tourists and locals alike who visit during their holidays.

Due to human greed and lack of enforcement, it is not only Cameron Highlands that is losing its shine. Other naturally endowed places in this nation are suffering the same fate due to excess development where trees and open spaces are turned in to concrete jungles.

Let us preserve Mother Nature’s gifts to us for our future generations to savour as once these are lost, they cannot be replaced.