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Foreign policy needs more fiscal bite

IT is always easy to point fingers at the media. Journalists are blamed when they don’t ask questions pertaining only to the event that is being graced by a VIP. And it is even worse for the organisers, since the event itself hardly gets the coverage they think it deserves.

One Man's Meat

The voice of progressive Malays

IN between the balanced English-language news portals and the Malay-centric Malay-language news websites and Facebook pages, wants to be the middle ground.

On Your Side

Seriously, it’s time to take action

MONDAY marked the 32nd anniversary of the Montreal Protocol.


Let’s manifest a better future for M’sia

FOLLOWING my last article referencing the Indonesian origins of the haze and the colonial legacy of modern borders, one reader further pointed out that, in light of Malaysia Day, Indonesia has once again managed to unite Malaysians in their reaction to outside incursions: except this time it is pollutants rather than soldiers.

Making Progress

Finally, a moment of truth: PM's BFM interview

IT HAS been a whirlwind September for most Malaysians. We have had three long weekends in a row, celebrated the coronation of our much-beloved King, followed by Malaysia Day and grappling with the haze situation once again, which only going to get worse – according to the experts.

Vital Signs

Budget 2020: What influences where the money goes

There are many considerations when it comes to deciding the annual budgetary allocations for ministries and other government bodies, but not all of them are rational.There are many considerations when it comes to deciding the allocations for ministries and other government bodies, not all of them rational.

Along The Watchtower

Just too much to swallow

IT is a shame, really. No other country blessed with so much sunshine, rain and vast areas of fertile land spends such astronomical sums on imported food.

All the pieces matter

Malaysia Day: Who are we as a nation?

When is Malaysia's birthday? It seems to me that the accurate answer is Sept 16,1963.

The Bowerbird Writes

Habibie: A reformer and a democrat

Although some believed he was betrayed by his own party, he was a gentleman politician unfazed by all the lobbying and jostling around him. Hopefully history will be kind to a true Indonesian patriot.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

On a spurt of fertility

Can you have too much of a good thing when it comes to sex?

The Star Says

A unity lesson from Sabah and Sarawak

Tomorrow’s Malaysia Day celebration is not just a public holiday. It is a reminder to Malaysians of how Malaysia was created.

All the pieces matter

Boycott? Yes, let’s all boycott selfish politics

We need to replace toxic hate-mongering and marriages of political convenience with movements anchored in real principles.