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On The Beat

Here comes the sun

Before we recite a prayer of gratitude or pop the cork for celebration, let’s be wary that the killer is still on the loose.

Through Many Windows

The language of justice in the courts

RECENTLY, for the first time in Malaysia, the Court of Appeal streamed live hearings online.

The Star Says

‘Antidote’ to the misinformation pandemic

TODAY is World Press Freedom Day (WPFD) – a day dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of a free press. It is also a day of reflection among media professionals about issues of press freedom and professional ethics.

The Bitter Truth

Relaxation of MCO: A gamble that must pay off

THE May Day announcement by the Prime Minister that the movement control order (MCO) would be greatly (some say gravely) relaxed come Monday (May 4) caught many by surprise.


Rowing back on Rohingya

LAST week’s article ended on the optimistic note that we in Malaysia are not as afflicted as some other countries, including supposedly advanced democracies, in terms of racism and xenophobia that is hindering a broadly collective effort to defeat Covid-19.

On Your Side

Share profits to save the industry

Big tech should be compelled to share advertising revenue or pay for content reuse that is generated by media companies.

The Star Says

Let’s sail through tough times together

THE success of every nation is highly dependent on the efficacy of its workforce. If a country has a dedicated and talented workforce, it can be assured of economic success and highly developed human capital.

Making Progress

Planning for the end of lockdowns

AFTER almost two months of movement restriction to varying degrees around the world to curb the outbreak of Covid-19, some governments have started the process of re-opening their countries and easing the "lockdown" restrictions.

All the pieces matter

The psychology and politics of the Rohingya issue

While we search for sustainable solutions for this issue, we should not be blinded to basic human compassion and empathy.

What's Your Status?

Fighting scammers as we fight Covid-19

As scams crop up capitalizing on our Covid-19 fears, we should be ready to practice 'social distancing' to protect ourselves from being conned.

Along The Watchtower

A cost too high

THE response to the bold but fair suggestion was not surprising, given the protected status of the country’s 1.71 million strong public servants.

Over the Top

A new twist to MPU subjects

TODAY, I wish to propose a twist in the teaching of a category of subjects that some in both public and private universities have dismissed as “unimportant” – the Mata Pelajaran Pengajian Umum (MPU) or General Studies subjects.

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