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The Star Says

Love and compassion during outbreak

IT has been a time of fear and confusion these past few weeks as we are inundated daily with reports about the deadly novel coronavirus respiratory disease.

On Your Side

The economy and the virus

No time to lose in addressing the fallout from the outbreak and its potential effects on the domestic economy.


Let choice unleash the best in studies

Malaysian parents must be trusted to make the best education choices for their children and not let authoritarianism and narrow political agendas get in the way.

Making Progress

A political realignment in the offing?

THE last couple of weeks have seen the Malaysian political grapevine working overtime.


Possible revamp on the horizon

THE political chatter surrounding what some have termed as a “reshuffle of the government” is growing louder.

Along The Watchtower

Bending to mob rule

It’s disturbing to see that threats and intimidation are increasingly influencing political decisions in Malaysia. The govt has to be firmer in handling key racial and religious issues.

Over the Top

Second chance for education in M’sia

When the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English was introduced in 2003, our columnist didn’t think it was a great move. He now has a different take and he also has suggestions on how to do it better.

Colours of China

A quiet Chinese New Year in Beijing

TENS of thousands of people – as far as my eyes could see – greeted me when I first arrived in Beijing more than two years ago.

The Bowerbird Writes

We simply never learn

WE are never good at managing crisis. Take the case of the Highland Towers collapse and the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370. The two cases were 21 years apart, but both incidents manifested our failure in managing crisis.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Ways to boost poor quality sperm

Men who produce lower quantity of sperm with high degree of abnormality or inactiveness, are often thought to be associated with male-factor infertility.


The digital era: When social media does more harm than a virus

With instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, you can now share anything, instantly and everywhere, with everyone. Who has the time and common sense these days to check the provenance of the ‘facts’?

It's Just Politics

A titanic win for Barisan

IF the Kimanis by-election was a sea battle, the fight would have been between the sinking ship of Barisan Nasional and the armada of the state government led by Parti Warisan Sabah.