Brave New World

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Heart Talk

Politics in Malaysia now a zero sum game?

The people gave Pakatan Harapan the mandate to clean-up Malaysia. However, we are now slowly being convinced that this coalition is looking more and more like ‘the same old broom’.

Asian Editors Circle

An awareness of far-off resentments

THE SUNDAY blackout on Aug 4 in Greater Jakarta and parts of West Java was said to be the worst in many years.

On The Beat

Outwearing his welcome

He has stirred a hornet’s nest more than once and is often the bee in our collective bonnets. Do we really need a Zakir Naik here?

It's Just Politics

Polarising issues on the rise

Once again, current events are being framed through racial and religious lenses.


Kimanis will test Shafie’s clout in new Sabah

DATUK Seri Shafie Apdal has been the undisputed king of the hill since achieving his dream of becoming Chief Minister of Sabah.

All the pieces matter

Break the wheel of race politics

Swapping the actors’ roles without changing the script puts us right back in Old Malaysia.

The Star Says

We must reject all racial provocations

WITH Merdeka Day just two weeks away, the last thing our peaceful multiracial country wants to see is racial discord and tension.


A city that people leave

It’s estimated that some 10-12% of Myanmar’s population live or work overseas – a statistic comparable with the Philippines.

Siti Lights

Let's khat to the chase and get to the real issues

For Malaysian unity, we need to cut out the cancer and let the healing begin.

One Man's Meat

The race politics of road rage

TWO Malaysians were involved in a fender bender on a highway in Selangor. It ended up with one of them getting killed.