Monuments of majesty in Johor

Monumen Kemahkotaan Johor located right next to Istana Shooting Box, Segamat.

ONE of the distinctive attractions in Johor is the collection of crown monuments situated in various districts throughout the state. Laman Mahkota, located elegantly at the entrance of Istana Bukit Serene, serves as a prominent symbol within the Johor Royalty’s domain, enchanting both residents and visitors with its grandeur.

According to Johor Baru mayor Datuk Mohd Noorazam Osman, the idea of building the monument was conceived by the visionary His Majesty Sultan Ibrahim, King of Malaysia, on Aug 30, 2013.

“Among its prominent features is the Royal Crown Arch, soaring to a height of 35m and an impressive 60m in width.

“This arch is adorned with a mesmerising array of 3,063 crystals, each shimmering in hues of blue, white, red, green, pink, and purple, encompassing 17 distinct sizes.

Laman Mahkota, located in front of the grand entrance to Istana Bukit Serene, Johor Baru.Laman Mahkota, located in front of the grand entrance to Istana Bukit Serene, Johor Baru.

Mohd Noorazam highlighted the crown replica’s distinctive allure, weighing a substantial 2,800kg, which beckons visitors from near and far to Laman Mahkota’s enchanting precincts.

He further explained the structural symbolism, noting that the framework supporting the crown replica embodies the pentagon element, emblematic of the Pillars of Islam – a profound representation of the core tenets cherished by the Muslim community.

“In our pursuit of enhancing the site’s vibrancy, we have also introduced captivating features such as laser beams and water fountains in the vicinity.

“We hope that this added layer of excitement will be able to draw even more visitors, both domestic and international, to our splendid Laman Mahkota,” he said.

Laman Mahkota holds a special charm for newlyweds seeking the perfect backdrop for their wedding photoshoots, drawing them in with its picturesque outdoor setting.

Nestled beside Laman Mahkota is Laman Serene, a tranquil haven spread across 1.1ha of land, or roughly 433sq m.

Meanwhile, the Laman Serene tower takes inspiration from the iconic Menara Istana Bukit Serene, infusing it with contemporary flair and a blend of modern and traditional elements.

Intricate filigree work graces its structure, creating captivating lighting effects that captivate onlookers. The dataran, designed in the shape of a five-pointed star reminiscent of the Johor state flag, is a symbol of unity and pride.

Each of the five stars within the design represents the 10 districts of Johor, forming a harmonious ensemble that celebrates the state’s rich cultural diversity.

Meanwhile, the Monumen Kemahkotaan Johor at Dataran Batu Hampar, better known as the Rock Garden in Segamat, is one of the new landmarks that attracts visitors, especially local and foreign tourists, to this area.

Segamat Municipal Council (MPS) president Mohd Helmi Sha’ri @ Shangari said the site, which was built in an area of 725sq m with construction starting on March 28, 2021, was completed in August last year.

“The iconic development of the Monumen Kemahkotaan Johor is magnificently located on the hillside opposite the Istana Shooting Box in Dataran Batu Hampar.

“Sultan Ibrahim also approved the design and named this monument the Monumen Kemahkotaan.

“The monument was developed with the expertise of the Segamat Public Works Department (JKR), which was also built with a fountain pool and four large shotgun pillars.

“This is a landmark in the city for the public to see because it is located in a strategic area, in addition to being a location for the local community to have fun, relax with family, and take pictures,” he said.

The early history of the construction is that JKR was given the responsibility of building a historical monument design at the Istana Shooting Box site and presented the idea to get His Majesty’s approval.

The design of the monument was built based on the history of hunting activities at the Istana Shooting Box, which was once the hunting ground of Johor’s royal family.

Meanwhile, in Mersing, the Monumen Kemahkotaan Dataran Pantai Mersing was constructed in 2013 to commemorate Sultan Ibrahim’s coronation as the fifth Sultan of the state on March 23, 2015.

According to Mersing district officer Jamil Hasni Abdullah, this monument stands out for its unique design, featuring a sword holding up the crown of Johor, symbolising respect for His Majesty’s coronation.

“While other districts may have used curved designs symbolising elephant tusks as pillars for their monuments, ours showcases swords. This choice reflects the grandeur of the occasion and Johor’s royal lineage.

“The design of the swords is inspired by the Pedang Kerajaan, a ceremonial sword traditionally worn by the Sultan of Johor.

“Unlike monuments in other districts, which are often located by city roads or in roundabouts, ours is situated in a recreational area,” he said.

The construction of the monument was overseen by JKR, while maintenance was managed by the Mersing District Council.

In Pasir Gudang, a new monument dubbed ‘Dataran Mahkota Pasir Gudang’ is currently being constructed under the Pasir Gudang City Council (MBPG) and is expected to be completed by November this year.

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