Najib breaks court rules by taking photo during proceedings

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Razak (pic) was seen taking a photo on his mobile phone, while proceedings was ongoing on the 16th day of his corruption trial involving SRC International Sdn Bhd.

The former premier could be seen zooming in on his mobile phone lens, which was aimed towards the front of the courtroom.

At this juncture, Justice Mohd Nazlan Mohd Ghazali was speaking directly to Najib’s lead counsel, Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah.

Maybank Kuala Lumpur main branch assistant manager Halijah Abdul Wahab was on the witness stand for cross-examination.

Recordings, whether audio or visual - which includes photography - is not allowed, according to the rules of open court.

The court police could seize the recording device if one is caught breaking the rule.

However, no one seemed to have noticed Najib's actions.

Last month, the same High Court had issued a warning against sharing recordings of the proceedings on social media.

A two-minute plus recording, entitled "Hari Kelima Perbicaraan Dato' Seri Najib (the fifth day of Najib's trial)" was uploaded on social media by Najib's former special officer Isham Jalil on April 19.

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