Indians becoming impatient with Pakatan

KLANG: Pakatan Harapan still enjoys strong support from the Indians, but some have become impatient with the delay in policy implementation relevant to the community at the Federal level.

PKR Sentosa assemblyman Gunaraj George said some segments of the Indian community wanted instant change and did not want to wait any longer.

“They want Pakatan Harapan to instantaneously make up for the neglect of the community by the previous government.

“The Indians must understand that we need time to put right what went wrong in the entire administrative system under the previous government," said Gunaraj.

He added that Pakatan had inherited a "crumbling house" when it won the election last year and there was so much to do.

“Give us time to make reinforcements to the shaky and troubled administration left behind by the Barisan Nasional government," said Gunaraj.

He added that the necessary changes and policies for the Indian community would follow after the rectifications were carried out.

DAP Klang MP Charles Santiago said the Indians were still supportive of Pakatan but were very critical of the ruling coalition at the moment.

“You can see their grouses being shared on social media, and I too have people telling me about their dissatisfaction," said Santiago.

According to Santiago, various issues had surfaced recently that angered the Indian community.  One being the inability of Indian students who did well in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examinations, to get into matriculation programmes.

“These are students who scored straight As and excelled in extracurricular activities in school, yet they failed to get into a matriculation programme," said Santiago

He said this irked the Indians who expected a much better deal under Pakatan.

Santiago added that the government and Pakatan could not take Indian support for granted.

“The government has a duty to explain to the Indian community why these top students were left out," he said.

The government must roll out policies  and programmes tailored towards the community’s upward social mobility in order to maintain Indian support, he said.

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