Pahang Regent concerned over insults to royal institution, Islam

KUANTAN: The Regent of Pahang has expressed his concerns over contempt against the royal institution and Islam.

Tengku Mahkota Tengku Hassanal Ibrahim Alam Shah Ibni Al-Sultan Abdullah said this should not happen in a country that practised the constitutional monarchy system where the Ruler is the highest authority, especially on Islamic affairs.

"These insults should not be taken lightly and the law must be applied to ensure the prestige of the royal institution is respected by all," he said at the opening of the state assembly sitting here Monday (April 15).

Tengku Hassanal also reminded that Islam was the religion of the federation but other religions could be practised in peace and harmony anywhere in the country.

"This freedom of religion is guaranteed in the Constitution where everyone has the right to practice and profess their religion and these religions have the right to manage their own affairs.

"However, from what I see lately, it is as if Islam is being challenged by certain irresponsible parties," he said.

Tengku Hassanal hoped the difference in political ideologies would not become machinations in protecting the sanctity of Islam.

"This is important to ensure this holy religion is not being exploited until the sensitivity of Islam is ignored by certain parties, thus causing conflict among the Muslim community," said the Regent.

On the same note, Tengku Hassanal said he noticed the spread of negative elements among Muslims such as liberal Islam and the acceptance of groups that went against human nature such as LGBT.

"This development is worrying because it is quickly accepted by some of the community today.

"As the state's head of religion, I call for the cooperation of all, including parents, in preventing this from going rampant and poisoning the minds of the Muslim community," he said.

On another matter, Tengku Hassanal wanted new sources of revenue to be identified to reduce the reliance on mineral and natural resources in the state.

"This effort will bring about growth and stabilisation of the country's economy, especially in Pahang. In pursuing increase of revenue, I hope the forests in Pahang are not merely used for logging and exploitation," said Tengku Hassanal.

He said forests could be a source of income as well through the practise of holistic environmental conservation that in turn strengthens the eco-tourism sector.

To realise this wish, Tengku Hassanal urged the relevant parties to carry out impact studies on environmental management in areas identified for development.

"The mass media's coverage of environmental cases in Pahang should also be given attention immediately," he said.

Tengku Hassanal also gave his full support for enforcement efforts by the state government in tackling encroachment of government land, especially those that involved water catchment areas, rivers and road reserves.