Hold post-explosion talk with residents, Petronas told

JOHOR BARU: The state government has ordered Petronas to conduct a dialogue with those affected by the explosion and fire at the Pengerang Integrated Complex.

“The meeting is important to update the residents about the latest situation,” said state Inter­na­tional Trade, Investment and Utility Committee chairman Jimmy Puah Wee Tse.

“The dialogue will also involve government agencies such as the land and district office.

“It should be held as soon as possible to address the uneasiness felt by villagers in Kampung Lepau and Kampung Rengit Jaya,” he said after officiating the Jom Kurangkan Bil Elektrik (Let’s Reduce Electricity Bills) programme at Sekolah Tun Fatimah here yesterday.

He said Petronas had just started investigating the cause of the fire and explosion.

“The location was still too hot for the investigation team to enter on Friday, so they went in yesterday.

“Once we find out the cause, Petronas will come up with a way to ensure an incident like this will not happen again,” he said, adding that the pipes and not the tank had exploded.

Puah said 39 police reports were lodged by the affected families.

The explosion and fire at the Pengerang Integrated Complex on Friday injured two security guards.

Petronas said its emergency and response team was deployed and the fire was contained in 30 minutes.“The situation is under control and all relevant authorities have been informed,” said the statement.


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