Tok Mat: Why no action over coupons issue?

SEREMBAN: Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan is puzzled as to why the Election Commission (EC) was fast in stopping Umno activities but appeared to be doing nothing on the complaint about the distribution of free food coupons where Pakatan Harapan’s Dr S. Streram was present.

He said EC officials had stopped his supporters from reciting the “Surah Yassin” at one of their by-election operation centres simply because they were using loudspeakers.

“If they can stop Umno activities, why didn’t they start a probe into the food coupons complaint because it can be an offence although it took place before the nomination day.

“The commission must state if that was an election offence as Dr Streram was already announced as a candidate by his party,” he said yesterday.

Mohamad said he had been abiding by the election laws such as not providing meals at his operation centre in Kg Tanjung for fear of violating EC rules.

“I understand that a candidate cannot even indulge in any activity that can be seen as buying votes before nomination, during campaigning and after the by-election.

“So, it is my hope the EC will look into the matter more so after a police report has been lodged,” he said, adding that there were also cases where candidates had allegedly provided meals to voters.

Separately, Mohamad said some quarters were making attempts to discredit Barisan by saying the party is calling its hardcore voters and telling them that they would each be paid RM50 on polling day.

“Five or six of my supporters said they received calls purportedly from Barisan people telling them that they will each be paid RM50 when they come out to vote.

“I have advised them to lodge police reports because we do not indulge in such a thing,” he said.

Mohamad also said neither his political career nor his position as Umno deputy president would be in jeopardy if he was unsuccessful in his bid to defend Rantau.

He said he would instead continue with his work to rejuvenate the party and prepare for the next general election.

“Even Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had lost in an election previously but then went on to become Prime Minister twice and the same goes for Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng who have lost before but returned stronger.

“Even if I lose, why should it affect my political career?” he asked.