Dr Mahathir laments 'adoration' for kleptocracy in 'bossku' poem

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  • Friday, 22 Mar 2019

PETALING JAYA: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has come up with a poem titled "Budaya Baru (New Culture)" mocking the viral "Malu Apa, Bossku (Why be ashamed, Boss?) catchphrase that has spurred Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to renewed popularity.

The Prime Minister penned the nine-line Malay poem in his blog on Friday (March 22), saying that there is a culture of adoring kleptocracy and stealing.

In the poem, Dr Mahathir wrote "My race does not need to be ashamed. Steal… The more that is stolen, the nobler it is. To be called kleptocrat is a compliment".

His poem suggests that the bossku phenomenon has exonerated the former premier of his alleged crimes as there is no longer any shame in stealing.

The poem reads:

Aku curi. Apa nak malu. (I steal. What is there to be ashamed of.)

Apatah lagi aku boss kamu. (What more when I am your boss.)

Tak perlu kamu malu kerana boss kamu mencuri. (You do not have to be ashamed that your boss steals.)

Sikit-sikit kamu juga boleh dapat duit yang dicuri. (You can get a little of what has been looted.)

Nak malu apa. Bossku. (Why be ashamed. My Boss.)

Bangsaku tak perlu malu. (My race does not need to be ashamed.)

Curilah… (Steal…)

Lebih banyak yang dicuri lebih mulia. (The more that is stolen, the nobler it is.)

Digelar kleptokrat adalah puji-pujian. (To be called kleptocrat is a compliment.)

Ayuh bangsaku. Mari kita curi supaya boleh jadi boss. (Come my people. Let us steal so that we can become a boss.)


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