Barrels believed to contain chemicals found under bridge 2km from Sungai Kim Kim

PASIR GUDANG: Five blue barrels, believed to contain chemicals, have been discovered near Sungai Sembilan at the Taman Tanjung Puteri Resort, which is just 2km away from Sungai Kim Kim.

The barrels were discovered just 500m from SMK Tanjung Puteri Resort, which is one of the 111 schools that were ordered to close due to the toxic fumes since last Wednesday (March 13).

The barrels were dumped underneath a bridge connecting Taman Tanjung Puteri and Taman Pasir Putih.

Resident Ahmad Roh Ariffin claimed the liquid from the barrels had already flowed into the river, causing a stench.

“We found the barrels last Thursday and have informed the authorities about it but there was no action from them.

“We are worried because the smell is really bad and there are some residents who complained of breathing difficulties and nausea,” he added.

Two police officers have arrived at the scene and cordoned it off with yellow police tape, not allowing the public and the media to go nearer.