Waytha Moorthy's visit boosts confidence of debt-ridden temple society

MELAKA: The morale of the Kwong Fook Association committee members is high after National Unity and Social Well-being Minister P. Waytha Moorthy attended the annual prayers and dinner of the debt-ridden society that manages a Taoist temple in Tanjung Minyak here.  

Association chairman Lim Hock Seng said the annual prayers were successful with the presence of the minister as well as Kota Melaka MP Khoo Poay Tiong, Melaka Health and Anti-Drugs Committee chairman Low Chee Leong and Klebang assemblyman Gue Teck.

"We managed to embark on a flash donation drive during the event and collected a significant amount towards repaying our debts," he said on Saturday (March 9).  

The association's assistant treasurer Denny Long Wei Siong said the minister's presence at the event had also boosted the confidence of the committee members.  

"We also got the assurance from the minister that an allocation will be set aside to help ease our financial constraints," he said, adding that several Melaka leaders pledged donations during the event.  

"We are really touched, all of us returned home happy after the dinner as we are close to clearing our debts," he said.  

The century-old temple that was built by the Chinese Peranakan community faced debts after going through an extensive renovation exercise. 

The renovation was completed in 2015 but donations that were pledged weren't sufficient, forcing the committee to owe the contractor a huge sum.  

Earlier, Wathya Moorthy, responding to questions from the media, said some politicians were exploiting racism to their advantage.  

He said these leaders have no qualms uttering racial slurs just to score political mileage.  

"I want to ask why there are politicians who have no qualms uttering disparaging remarks about certain races," he said.  

Waytha Moorthy said Malaysians would be at the losing end if politicians continue to stir racism and bigotry for the sake of political survival.  

He added that preserving harmonious relationships was not in the hands of one race alone but should be spearheaded by all Malaysians.




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