Taiping residents worry after town included in rabies-infected list

TAIPING: Residents of Taman Seri Kota Phase 2 are worried for their safety after a recent announcement that the town has been included in a list of rabies-infected areas.

On Jan 14, Veterinary Services Department director-general Datuk Dr Quaza Nizamuddin Hassan Nizam announced that Taiping and Bukit Gantang in Perak had been gazetted as rabies-infected areas.

This followed a report made on Dec 3, 2018, on two families in Taman Sri Kota Phase 2 being bitten by their pet.

One of the residents, Hasnah Sulaiman, 71, a retiree, said she was informed by one of her children about it in their family group chat.

"My son sent us the full statement by the ministry regarding the case.

"Only after reading the entire statement did I remember seeing paramedics and a few officers in uniform coming to the area sometime in December.

"I'm worried about the safety of my family.

"My grandchildren usually will play around on the streets, but now they are only allowed to play inside the house compound," said Hasnah.

She added that stray dogs would usually roam the residential area at night.

"We usually leave the gate open, but because of the case, we are closing it," she added.

Dog owner Lee Kim Kam, 58, a retiree, said dog owners must be responsible of their pets.

"Both of my dogs are vaccinated and I occasionally bring them to the vet for check ups.

"I don't let them walk around the residential area because I am worried about their safety since there are stray dogs roaming around," he added.

State Health, Consumer Affairs, National Integration and Human Resources committee chairman A. Sivanesan urged the public not to worry as the matter has been taken care of bythe state veterinary department.

"We have prepared enough vaccine for the district and I advised pet owners to vaccinate their pets.

"If you know anyone who has been bitten or attacked by stray animals or pets, please bring them for immediate check-up," said Sivanesan when contacted.