Lynas workers urge govt to save their jobs

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  • Wednesday, 12 Dec 2018

SOME 130 workers from Lynas Corporation (Lynas) gathered in front of Parliament to urge the go­vernment save their jobs.

Human Resource manager Ju­­maat Mansor, who represented the group, said they gathered to hand over a memorandum against the government’s threats to revoke the company’s licence if it failed to remove 451,564 metric tonnes of water leech purification (WLP) residue, which contains radioactive substances.

“We are representing Lynas workers, not the management. We want justice and job security,” he told reporters when met outside Parliament yesterday.

Jumaat said the group consisted of supervisors, technicians and other staff members.

They had travelled from Kuantan on Monday night and gathered in front of Parliament at 8.15am.

“Some even came on their off days on their own will. We did not force anyone.

“Only 3% of our workforce are Australians, the rest are Malaysians.

“Our company has been reviewed a total of eight times, all the findings from experts have said that our operations are safe.

“If the licence cannot be renewed, the factories can’t operate and we will be jobless.

“Lynas has 600 permanent workers and 400 contract workers,” Jumaat said.

It was reported last Wednesday that Lynas was mulling legal action after the Energy, Science, Techno­logy, Environment and Climate Change Ministry added new conditions which it must meet in order to renew its licence for its US$800mil (RM3.3mil) plant in Malaysia.

The ministry said the rare earth refinery in Gebeng would be allow­ed to continue operating provided it removed and disposed its WLP residue from Malaysia.

On Lynas’ plans to take legal action against the government, the ministry said it was ready to go to court.

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