Four cars seized from Jamal Yunos after failing to settle security service fees

PETALING JAYA: Acting on a court order, a company seized four cars from Datuk Seri Jamal Md Yunos after he failed to pay outstanding fees for security services rendered.

A total of four cars were seized around noon on Wednesday (Oct 17) from a car dealership in Sungai Buloh which is believed to have business ties to the politician.

A spokesperson from the company, Anirass Gaya Security Services, said that they had business deals with Jamal in the past.

However, he said that there were outstanding fees of around RM56,000 from 2014 which were left unpaid when he discontinued the use of their services.

"A letter of demand was produced, then a summons (by the court). So now there is a 14-day period for him to solve the matter. If not, we shall proceed with the auctioning process (of the seized cars)," said the spokesperson after the seizure.

The spokesperson said the current amount owed is around RM200,000, after interest.

Staff at the car dealership who wished to remain anonymous said Jamal is only a small shareholder in the company.

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