Zaibo diagnosed with stage four cancer

Seeking help: Zaibo said he would appreciate public donations to help ease his financial burden.

Seeking help: Zaibo said he would appreciate public donations to help ease his financial burden.


VETERAN actor Zaibo has been at the Sungai Buloh Hospital since Monday after being diagnosed with stage four oesophagus cancer, reported Kosmo!

The Spanar Jaya actor, whose real name is Zainal Ariffin Abd Hamid, will be allowed to return home soon. However, he will be referred to the National Cancer Institute on Sept 12.

Alhamdulillah, I’m doing fine. Previously, I had high blood pressure and cholesterol but I didn’t expect to be diagnosed with stage four oesophagus cancer.

“According to the doctor, the cancer has spread to other parts such as my stomach, lungs and left rib cage,” he told the daily.

Zaibo, 62, said a scan would be done at the National Cancer Institute to decide whether he needs chemotherapy or an operation.

He had no other income for his medical expenses since he had not acted in two years, he said.

Thus, he said he would appreciate public donations to help ease his financial burden.

> It’s been said that your name is the sweetest sound and in the case of Muhammad Dhury Yan and Nur Rambutt’an, it is literally true.

Their great grandfather had named them after the popular fruits in Malaysia. And their parents from Kedah did not mind it at all, Berita Harian reported.

“We don’t mind that our children’s names sound like fruits because it was given by my grandfather who may have his own reason for doing so,” Abi Amin Mahayadin, 40, said.

He believed the names were linked to “good people from the past”.

“My grandfather really wanted to name his grandchildren and great grandchildren, including ours. As a way to respect him, we just follow what he wants,” he said.

Abi Amin said the names had nothing to do with his grandfather’s favourite fruits as they carried a different meaning since they were spelt differently.

“We are still waiting for the name for our third child who was born last month,” he said.

Images of the MyKid of his two children with the names Muhammad Dhury Yan, six, and Nur Rambutt’an, one year, had gone viral on social media since last month.

“We were stunned to see their MyKid circulating on Facebook and WhatsApp. We are not angry with the person spreading it but we are disappointed with some of the upsetting comments,” he said.

“We hope the public will respect the names for the sake of our children’s future,” said Abi Amin.

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