Malaysians have a ‘Bon’ like no other

Petaling Jaya: Fashion designer Bon Zainal Harun believes that patriotism and people can not only co-exist, but are “co-related”.

For him, patriotism is not just about sho­wing love for our country, but it is the act of putting other people before ourselves as a community.

“We need to remember in our heart of hearts that we need to be together. We need to think about the needs of other people around us just like our elders used to do,” he said.

He explained that diversity in the community means everyone is unique in their own way with their own strengths, and this should not stop people from acting fairly either.

Bon Zainal believes that Malaysia has a unique brand of its own, and in his travels he always meets people who adore Malaysia.

Speaking about Merdeka, he firmly believes it means it is time for Malaysians to be united.

“We need to jajah (colonise) our own country. Everyone regardless of race should come together and run the country the way we want it for the future of our grandchildren.

“Any contribution no matter how big or small is worth the effort even if it is the thought of living a positive life, today,” he said.

He said Malaysia will always be home and we need to make the best of it now.

Bon Zainal, putting his words into action, rallied his fellow fashion experts – Rasta Rashid, Caroline Wass, Mark Westwood, Niousha Roohbakhsh, Nizar Boy and Engku Kay – to join in the upcoming #AnakAnakMalaysia Walk.

He said the fashion industry has a responsibility not just to the industry but the country as well.

“We have a say as Malaysians to come together to achieve our goal for the future. We represent the diversity that is Malaysia through our work as designers both locally and internationally,” he added.

This is the second year Bon Zainal and his fellow designers are joining the #AnakAnakMalaysia Walk.

The 3.8km walk will be flagged off at 6.30am on Sept 2 at the Eco Ardence Sales Gallery, Persiaran Setia Alam, Setia Alam, Shah Alam.

#AnakAnakMalaysia Walk is a collaboration between Malaysia’s well-known property developer Eco World Development Group Bhd and Star Media Group. Sponsors for the event include Panasonic (Silver Sponsor) and DRB-Hicom (Car Sponsor).

The organiers are expecting more than 6,000 participants. For details, visit


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