Enforcement officers demolished Gua Musang blockade, says Siti Kasim

GUA MUSANG: Enforcement officers took down Malaysian flags prior to demolishing the blockade established by the Temiar here on Monday (Aug 27) morning.

Activist lawyer Siti Kasim alleged the orang asli never had any freedom to live the way they want.

"The Kelantan state authorities' actions does not reflect compassionate governance.

"They should show compassion, love and understanding if they truly practise Islamic governance.

"But what they are doing to the orang asli today is very un-Islamic," she said.

Jaringan Kampung Orang Asli Kelantan president Mustafa Along said they could only watch helplessly when the authorities started dismantling the blockades in favour of destroyers of the environment.

"Merdeka Day is four days away. The incident today marred the spirit of Merdeka because the rights and freedom of marginalised community like us are being blatantly disregarded," he said.

The orang asli sang NegaraKu as the enforcement officers dismantled their blockades.

Siti Kasim said she would step in to assist if the orang asli or fellow activists and NGO representatives were arrested.

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