I'm being threatened, says burger stall owner who chased rampaging bus

KUALA LUMPUR: A burger stall operator has been receiving threats after uploading videos of the RapidKL bus driver who went on a road rampage in Ampang.

He said some RapidKL bus drivers group wanted to confront him at his burger stall and cause trouble.

Recalling the incident, which happened on Thursday (Aug 16) night, Muhamad Nur Azri Muhamad Arip, 22, said he had just finished work at the time and had gone home to take a bath at the Colombia flats in Taman Keramat AU2.

“I had just got out of the bathroom and was changing when I heard a loud noise.

"I went to the window to see what was happening when I saw that my burger stall had been hit, and I heard my brother screaming.

“I rushed downstairs in only my shorts and saw that my mother had fallen down. My brother told me that the bus driver just drove off after the accident,” said Muhamad Nur Azri on Friday, adding that he was furious that the bus driver refused to come down and talk.

He said he jumped on his motorcycle and gave chase.

“It was exactly as it was in the videos I posted on Facebook. We kept shouting at him to stop the bus but he just continued and caused so much damage in the process.

“I noticed people have taken to social media, alleging that we used sticks and samurai swords to attack the driver.

"These are absolutely fake. We did not have any weapons on us,” he said, adding that since then, he had received threats over the incident.

Muhammad Nur Azri said he was aware that some people were saying he galvanised a whole angry village to take revenge on the bus driver.

“I did no such thing, If the bus driver had just got down after the initial collision, things would not have become so bad.

“Even after he rammed into all those vehicles at the end, he still tried to run away,” he said, adding that he hoped justice would prevail.

Muhamad Nur Azri said he had received a number of threats after the incident.

“I have lodged a report at the Hulu Kelang police station just as a precautionary measure,” he said adding that he would give the police his full cooperation in the investigations.

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