Family burnt to death in car accident

KOTA KINABALU: A couple and their daughter who were travelling back from a wedding were burnt to death when their car collided with a trailer near Kampung Hobut in Kudat.

In the 8.20pm incident, Matunggong Public Works Department general worker Sagandal Soborong lost control of his vehicle on top of a dark hilly road.

He swerved into the opposite lane before crashing into the trailer that was carrying palm fruits.

Kudat police chief Deputy Supt Douglas Nyeging Taong said the car burst into flames upon impact, trapping Sagandal, his wife Talina Ginsidat and their daughter, Racy, 19, inside.

Firemen found the charred remains of the victims from Kampung Tambuluran, Kudat.

DSP Douglas said the 33-year-old trailer driver, who sustained minor injuries, had not come forward to lodge a police report after being taken to the hospital for treatment.

“We urge both the driver and other witnesses to come forward and help in the investigation,” he said.