Kayveas holds own party AGM

KUALA LUMPUR: A day after Datuk Seri Maglin D’Cruz held the MyPPP annual general meeting (AGM), Tan Sri M. Kayveas held his own AGM, claiming that he is the rightful party president.

Kayveas declared that any AGM other than the one he held yesterday is “illegal”, in an apparent reference to the AGM held by Maglin on Saturday.

“This is the official annual general meeting, everything else is not,” he said in his speech during the event held at the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.

At the AGM, Kayveas displayed a letter issued on May 18 by the Registrar of Societies acknowledging him as the legitimate MyPPP president.

He also claimed that he has about 6,000 signatures from supporters nationwide to support his presidency.

He showed CCTV footage allegedly showing Maglin’s faction breaking into the party headquarters and damaging property.

“You don’t need all this drama. If you want the (party’s) post, ask for it,” he said in his speech, and slammed the rival faction for not telling the truth.

Kayveas told reporters later that he had earlier resigned as president because there were those who were working to get him removed from his post.

“There was this conspiracy going on behind me to remove me.

“Because I love the party, I said I would resign. I was even willing to give it in writing,” he added.

He, however, claimed the rival faction had twisted facts about him.

Kayveas also insisted that MyPPP is no longer with Barisan Nasional.

“We were facing a tough election, the indications were very clear. Since Barisan didn’t give us anything (seat allocations), we decided to step out,” he said.

On April 30, Kayveas posted on his social media account that he was withdrawing his resignation letter and declared himself as president again after saying he resigned on April 25.

Maglin, who is the acting president of the party, maintained that Kayveas was expelled from the party as of April 25.

Maglin had on Saturday’s AGM claimed that 1,250 delegates appointed him as president.

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