KJ admits defeat, calls for a smooth transfer of power

PETALING JAYA: “The people have spoken. And they have spoken loud and clear”.
On Thursday (May 10), Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin penned a heartfelt post on his personal Instagram page, congratulating the Pakatan Harapan coalition on its victory in GE14.
“I love my country. And I have had the honour of serving my country. And it is because of my abiding love for Malaysia that I also respect the will of our people.
“To those that still support us, I am sorry we let you down. To those that did not, I respect your decision. We tried our best. But our best was simply not good enough,” he said.
Khairy also called for a smooth transition of power.
“Our country can only survive if we observe a smooth and orderly transfer of power. For without the rule of law, we are a nation bereft of justice and fair play,” he said.
Khairy, who will now be an Opposition MP, said that he would strive to keep the ruling government in check.
“I will hold you accountable on behalf of our people as a member of the Opposition. Just as you did previously.
“Let us show the world that Malaysia can reunite after all that has been said and done. For all of us to build a better tomorrow,” he said.