Kuok: I’ll always be a true Malaysian

LAST week, articles emerged that have cast aspersions on Robert Kuok’s commitment to Malaysia and the integrity of the country’s democratic processes.

Kuok wishes to state that any assertion that he has forgotten his roots are entirely false.

He would also like to place on record that he has a deep appreciation for the opportunities he had in this country and recognises the contributions made by Malaysians of all creeds, races and religions towards the development of Malaysia.

Up to now, he shares the continued commitment of all Malaysians in ensuring a bright future for the country.

Kuok holds in the highest esteem the leaders of Malaysia who have throughout their lives done everything they can to contribute to the well-being of Malaysians.

In particular, Kuok refutes and denies the false allegations contained in the three articles published on the online blog, Malaysia Today, namely: “Malaysian Insight funder fingered” and “Robert Kuok wants Chinese rule in Malaysia” on Feb 21 and “Robert Kuok’s last chance at changing the government” on Feb 23.

The false assertions made in these articles include that he was funding The Malaysian Insight and various political parties with the aim of overthrowing the present government of Malaysia and embarking on a campaign to manipulate the Malaysian political process and democratic system.

Other false statements about him include him being anti-government vis-à-vis the ruling Barisan Nasional Party and being a racist and a Chinese chauvinist.

These allegations are untrue, and Kuok expressly denies them in their entirety.

Since the publication of the Malaysia Today articles, further articles have been published in Malaysia on the online blog known as Malaysiakini as well as in the New Straits Times, The Star, The Malay Mail, Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian, amongst others.

In no uncertain terms, Kuok states that the Malaysia Today Articles constitute a very serious libel.

Moreover, the allegations made are false and the attack on him wholly unjustified.

Kuok takes these baseless allegations very seriously and reserves the right to take all necessary steps against Malaysia Today and the author to address the false allegations contained in the scurrilous articles that appeared in that website.

Media statement from the office of Robert Kuok.

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