Is Elianto's durian-flavoured lipstick for real?

PETALING JAYA: There is durian coffee, durian condoms and now a Malaysian cosmetics brand has got both the beauty and durian-lover communities curious with a durian-flavoured lipstick.

On Wednesday (Nov 22), Elianto Make Up posted its "Elianto Musang King" lipstick that comes in a bright yellow colour on its Facebook page.

Elianto said that the pesticide-free lipstick features a strong durian aroma that gives the wearer a "sense of satisfaction similar to gobbling a mouthful of Musang King at one go."

"All Malaysians love durian and this scientific marvel is even said to be able to cure hangover and prevent alcoholic blackout," Elianto wrote in its Facebook post.

Several customer testimonials were included in the post, with one customer saying that the lipstick would satisfy the urge to eat the thorny fruit.

In the comments section, netizens were amused with the new product and expressed interest in it.

However, the durian-flavoured make up product has yet to come to fruition.

When contacted, Elianto told The Star that the Musang King lipstick is not in the market yet.

"We do have plans to manufacture it but we are only testing the market at this stage," said a representative.


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