Party unable to curb immoral activities in Kelantan, says MCA leader

KOTA BARU: PAS should be ashamed for failing to address social ills in Kelantan despite its tight religious policing.

Kelantan MCA deputy chief Datuk Tan Ken Ten (pic), who said this, added that barring concerts and sexy dressing in the state had proven to be a failed remedy.

“Kelantan can be the perfect case study to dispel the notion that im­­moral activities can be curbed simply by controlling entertainment. We do not even have cinemas here.

“Health authorities have acknow­ledged the existence of free sex practices in the state based on a study on HIV cases,” he said, adding that HIV cases were also attributed to promiscuity and homosexual activities.

He was responding to Temerloh MP Nasrudin Hassan’s claim that scanty dressing, concerts and provo­cative music were the main causes of immoral behaviour in Malaysia.

Nasrudin, who is the PAS information chief and the party’s former Youth leader, claimed in Parliament that wild music and concerts led to loose behaviour, out-of-wedlock preg­nancies and baby dumping.

The MP also condemned an advertisement at Mara’s premises that promoted the use of condoms, saying it would not help prevent pre- or extra-marital sex.

Tan begged to differ with the PAS leader, saying social problems and rapes were on the rise in Kelantan.

Kelantan Umno deputy chief Da­tuk Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub had said that the rising number of homosexuals in the state was a reflection of PAS’ failure to promote the Islamic way of life.

He noted that despite ruling the state for 27 years, a gay lifestyle was getting prominent in Kelantan.

From 2001 to 2016, Kelantan recorded 11,000 HIV-positive cases. A total of 2,255 Kelantanese died of AIDS during the same period.

Deputy Home Minister Masir Ku­­jat had revealed that state Health De­­partment attributed the rising num­­ber of HIV cases in Kelantan to promiscuity and an unhealthy lifestyle, such as “switching sex partners”.

Masir noted that HIV infections caused by homosexual activities doubled from 10 in 2015 to 20 last year, with HIV infections through he­­terosexual relationships also increasing from 40 to 50.

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