'Penis enlarger' story was a joke, Michael Chong clarifies

PETALING JAYA: The story of a man from Seri Kembangan who bought a “penis enlarger” online but got a magnifying glass instead turned out to be a hoax. 

It was reported that the man had purchased the device for RM450 but received a magnifying glass with the instructions, “Do not use in sunlight”. 

When contacted, MCA Public Service and Complaints Department chairman Datuk Seri Michael Chong clarified that the example was included in his press conference on Tuesday because it highlighted the dangers of purchasing online, albeit in a humorous manner. 

He was initially unaware that it was a hoax.

“Many of my friends, whom I trust, forwarded the message to me and requested that I warn the public about the scam," Chong told The Star

“I receive many complaints about these scams every day. If this was a hoax, it sure was a funny one,” he added. 

Chong explained that having to deal with online scam victims regularly, his priority was to raise awareness on the issue and to help the victims. 

“My first instinct was to help the complainants get the message out there and to prevent people from falling prey to these scams. 

“There are many penis enlargement advertisements around the Internet, many of which are dubious in nature,” he added. 

Chong said he received many calls from his acquaintances after the story was published on Tuesday. 

“The story had them laughing, no doubt. If humour is what it takes for the message to sink in, then where’s the harm in that? 

“My message is still the same - Buyers need to careful when purchasing things online,” he added. 

Earlier this year, a complainant sought assistance after being conned into paying RM78,000 for a Yamaha water scooter which was never delivered to him. 

Chong said another complainant ordered a smartphone of a reputable brand but when the product arrived, it was found that the components were not that of the original brand. 

“One of the dangers of purchasing products online is that there was no way of telling if the items are safe to handle or certified by Sirim. 

“A complainant bought a cooking pot online that exploded after using it for a few days. The person was hospitalised and nearly died in the incident,” he added.