Leaping with technology

A pupil at SJK(T) Ladang Edinburgh showing Kamalanathan how she uses the Frog VLE to learn.

A pupil at SJK(T) Ladang Edinburgh showing Kamalanathan how she uses the Frog VLE to learn.

SJK (T) Ladang Edinburgh in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur became the first Tamil school in Malaysia to receive YTL Foundation’s Frog Classroom makeover.

The new classroom is equipped with the Frog VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) platform and the programme’s hallmark curved tables, designed to make it easier for pupils to interact with each other and hold group discussions to promote collaborative learning.

The Frog Classroom Programme is an initiative by YTL Foundation in collaboration with FrogAsia, provider of the Frog VLE, under the Education Ministry’s 1BestariNet project.

“This concept is close to my heart because I believe it will bring change in our education system and boost our country’s education landscape,” said Deputy Education Minister Datuk P Kamalanathan during the launch of the classroom.

School headmistress Theresa Ayyakkannu also believes that the Frog programme will improve the quality of education in the country, as it promotes holistic learning beyond the traditional classroom setting.

To observe its effectiveness, Kamalanathan joined an English lesson taught by Salini Armugam, who was discussing folk tales with her pupils. During the lesson, pupils uploaded presentations of selected legends and shared their thoughts about the stories.

“What we witnessed today is how this Frog Classroom can be used as a catalyst for 21st century learning. This afternoon, we had a glimpse of how classroom learning can be further supported through assigned work via the Frog VLE, as well as self-paced practice via quizzes on Frog Play,” said Kamalanathan.

The world of learning continues to evolve rapidly and it is encouraging to see how everyone is playing their part, he added.

He also commended the school’s leadership, teachers and parents for coming together to provide pupils with a learning experience that supports their different needs.

The Frog Classroom, after all, is made possible via a collaboration between different parties. YTL Foundation works together with teachers, parents and students from selected schools to raise the approximately RM9,000 to RM10,000 needed to build a Frog Classroom. In some cases, corporate sponsors chip in by donating funds.

Partnerships between YTL Group and others have enabled YTL Foundation to build 120 Frog Classrooms throughout Malaysia.

Parents also play a role in the Frog VLE programme. They will be given an ID with where they can follow the activities of their children in school, check results, access school reports, and get the latest bulletins from the Education Ministry.

They can also find out about upcoming events and download necessary forms, documents and study material.

The Frog Classroom will not just benefit the 300 pupils of SJK (T) Ladang Edinburgh. Schools with Frog Classrooms are also Frog hubs, where teachers from other schools can meet and share the best ways to utilise technology in teaching and learning.

“They can use the hub for hands-on training, learn about technology, get community support and share lesson plans so they won’t be working in silo,” said YTL Foundation programme manager (corporate and CSR initiative) Alexander Au-Yong Wai Weng.

He added that any school can apply to have a Frog Classroom, but selection is based on a list of criteria.

Corporations and schools interested in the programme can visit for more information.

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