Phor Tay to turn into co-ed school?

PENANG: The SM Phor Tay school board has applied to the Education Ministry to turn the girls school into a co-educational school. 

Board secretary Loh Nam Hooi said the application was submitted last year. 

“The change will give residents in Bayan Baru and Bukit Gelugor an opportunity to send their sons to the well-known Chinese secondary school which will soon be relocated from Bagan Jermal to Sungai Dua here. 

“The RM30mil SM Phor Tay building, now under construction, will be ready in October and take in students in January 2009,” he said. 

Loh, who is contesting as a Barisan Nasional candidate for the Seri Delima state seat, said this during his door-to-door campaign.  

Loh, a first-timer, is facing DAP’s R.S.N Rayer, also a new face. 

He said with the relocation of the school, those in Bayan Baru and Bukit Gelugor did not have to travel far.  

Loh who will be contesting against DAP's R.S.N. Rayer.

“The new building with 42 classrooms can accommodate more students and provide more facilities,” he said. 

Loh, who sits on several Chinese school boards, said he would do his best to meet the needs of the other Chinese schools. 

After campaigning for the past five days, Loh said he felt more confident now.  

Although the voters in Seri Delima had supported BN since 1995, Loh said he still had to work hard to ensure victory. 

“We cannot take things for granted. We expect a tough fight,” he added. 

Loh added that the state and the country needed a strong BN Government to solve the problems of the day such as surging prices of essential products. 

“A stable BN Government with a strong mandate from the people is needed to tackle inflation,” he added.