Waiters are human too

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  • Tuesday, 05 Jul 2016

THE most sarcastic couple I have seen in years took the table next to us.

The restaurant was quiet, save for the clinking of utensils and chirpy chatter of patrons.

This middle-aged couple made a commotion about the ‘poor and bad service’. Louder and louder came their grouses and exasperated mutters.

Like a child crying for attention, she whined to the man with arms flailing.

She had a ‘soprano voice’, but the kind that easily becomes whiny.

‘Soprano voice’ went on about how her drink was not served when she saw it at the kitchen counter.

Her man, arms crossed and frowning in annoyance, declared aloud that restaurants should not be left to “these kind of people”.

He stalked to the kitchen counter and balked at a waiter having his dinner standing up.

“Wah! Can suddenly eat in the middle of service one, ah?” He chuckled condescendingly, making no effort to keep it down.

A waitress brought their drinks minutes later and explained that there might have been a misunderstanding.

The man shook his head and muttered loudly under his breath.

Their antics left my friends and I baffled. It seemed as if the couple was just putting the workers down deliberately.

They ate on with sour faces and the occasional sarcastic burst.

Personally, the service was not that bad. Our waiter, the guy having his dinner standing up, was quite attentive.

But even if service was bad, they did not have to act like all hell broke loose and kick up a fuss when all the workers were being as fast as they could.

They were not wrong to complain, but all they needed to do was ask nicely instead of hurling sarcastic remarks.

Effective communication would have probably worked in their favour had they made known their grouses decorously.

Like everybody, I love a good service too. I, too, would find it irritable if my food comes late or the waiters were slacking. But this was not the case.

I observed the workers and they were not resting on their laurels.

They had their hands full, rushing to meet every customer’s request at peak dinner time.

They were so busy, they had to squeeze time for their own meals standing up. I watched that waiter gobble down his food.

You can complain of bad service but there’s no need to be rude about it.

Being a customer does not mean we have a licence to be unreasonable. If we have third class mentality with a demandingattitude, then that is a real sad situation.

As someone who has never worked a day in the service line, I try to be more understanding of those who do.

There can be long, fatiguing hours.

One of my friends put it after seeing that middle-aged couple: “Sometimes, people get so self-entitled, they forget how to be humans”.

I cannot agree more.

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