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Continuous win: Jerome (left) and Brenda with their trophies from SOBA 2016.

Going green has its benefits for scheduled waste management solutions provider

GOING green is an “in thing” these days, but for the team at 3R Quest Sdn Bhd, it is a way of life from the first day the company was founded back in 2001.

“Our business is centred on helping our clients manage their waste in a proper manner that takes into account environmental factors,” says 38-year-old director Jerome Heah.

But the company, a scheduled waste management solutions provider, doesn’t only provide green solutions, it also incorporates green initiatives into every action and operation possible to maintain a sustainable culture in the company itself.

Some of these initiatives include having a rainwater harvesting system whereby the water is used to flush the toilets, wash their fleet of lorries and water the plants.

“We did not put in this rainwater harvesting system simply because we wanted to save on the water bill. Using treated water just to flush the toilets and water the plants is unnecessary. But water is an important resource and this is our way of saving water,” Jerome quips.

Another aspect of its green initiative is in the design of their factory. The main office was intentionally designed to be in the centre of the building. The windows allow natural light to go through, reducing their dependency on artificial lighting such as fluorescent lights and LEDs. This also means that there is less heat produced from the lighting and the temperature of the air-conditioning does not need to be set so low.

Again, this effort is not merely about saving on electricity bills, but rather, about not consuming so much of electricity that is generated from fossil fuels.

New produce: One of the staff checking on its biodegradable detergent that is produced in-house.
New produce: One of the staff checking on its biodegradable detergent that is produced in-house.

Jerome adds that this also means they produce less waste because there are less bulbs to fuse!

His mother, Brenda Heah, 63, who is also a director of 3R Quest, says the management has made it clear from day one that the business should contribute to society’s well-being.

“Apart from how we run the business, which includes making sure that the staff is on the same page as us on environmental sustainability, we continue to innovate and look for new solutions that could help us do better, both for operational sustainability as well as to be green,” Brenda says.

3R Quest is a multi-year winner in the Best Green Initiative category of The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA). The company again picked up the Platinum award in the Up to RM25mil revenue category for SOBA 2016. 3R Quest also won the Silver Award in the Best in CSR category in the same year.

The company was founded by Jerome’s father, David Heah, after making some careful observations in his early days.

David was educated at the London College of Printing in the early 1970s. There, he was amazed at how simple things such as a piece of cloth, which the technicians had used to wipe oil from their hands and printing machines, was properly treated with chemicals instead of just simply being discarded.

That inspired him to build a business that would do right by the environment.

“We do not know if the business would succeed, but I know it is good for the country to treat its waste properly as it would affect the whole environment, from the water source to the food chain,” David explains.

The company started operations in 2007 on a 0.4ha plant that was constructed with the environment in mind in the Chembong industrial zone in Rembau, Negri Sembilan.

3R Quest currently services a wide range of clients from printing companies to manufacturing facilities.

It is constantly looking for the latest equipment that can help them offer new waste treatment solutions.

One of its more recent improvements is developing its own biodegradable detergent which pushes its green credentials to a new level.

Not surprisingly, the company with a staff of 20 also receives industrial visits from universities that are keen to learn about the waste management processes employed by the company.

“We are steadfast in this. While others see it as a hassle, we see it as our core which continues to amaze our clients,” Jerome concludes.

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