Old is gold for lover of antiques

Nur Ain (left) showing M.C. Ng, 37, an antique US navy diving helmet at her shop in Lebuh Carnarvon. — Photos: LIM BENG TATT/The Star

AT the tender age of five, Nur Ain Alaudin had already found an undying love for all rusty things with a past.

Now, the 31-year-old finance graduate has since amassed over 400 antique items in her collector’s journey and sold over 1,000 antique items at her shop.

Among the antique items were lamps, antique phones, iron coin banks, gramophones, sewing machine, oil lamp and antique cameras.

“I have been following my father to sell second-hand items and antiques at the Lorong Kulit flea market in town since I was five, and that was where I picked up my interest in antiquing.

“Ever since I was exposed to antiques, my interest in them has not stopped growing.

“As I grew older, I became more and more curious about antiques, and I was always fascinated by their usage and how the people in the past used to live.

“As my fascination grew, my interest in antiquing bloomed and I could not stop collecting and learning about these things,” Nur Ain said at her shop in Lebuh Carnarvon, Penang, recently .

Nur Ain showing the different types of antique iron in her collection.
Nur Ain showing the different types of antique iron in her collection.

Nur Ain said her father, Alaudin Syed Ibramsa, now 71, was the one who introduced her to the possibility of an endless world of knowledge with antiques.

“I think I picked up after my father, as he has always been an antique lover.

“Ever since he was 15, he had grown to love antiques after working part-time at an antique shop.

“After he left that job, he decided to turn it into a hobby.

“And eventually, his hobby turned into this,” Nur Ain said, gesturing to the over 1,000 antique items in the shop owned by both father and daughter.

An antique mini sewing machine unit being oiled.
An antique mini sewing machine unit being oiled.

Nur Ain said although she came across many antiques over the years, she was always on the move to discover more.

“The world is so vast, and I think there are endless things for me to learn about antiques, as different countries and cultures would leave different items behind in their time.

“So whenever I travel, I will definitely visit local antique shops to learn about the different items used in different times,” she said.

Nur Ain said although many antique items cannot be found in the market anymore, they can still be found in people’s homes.

“Some of the things are limited or people have been holding on to them.

“But to me, I think it is good that many people still do appreciate antiques, especially the older generation as it brings them nostalgia,” she added.


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