Delay in issuance of concession cards

A student with the RapidKL student concession card, which entitles users to half-priced rides on MyRapid trains and buses. New applicants face a waiting period of up to three months. — Filepic

STUDENTS applying for MyRapid concession cards have been told to wait up to three months for them to be issued, and the delay is costing them dearly.

The card, which is offered to primary and secondary schoolchildren, as well as those attending college and university, enables the cardholder to get a 50% discount on RapidKL bus, BRT, LRT, Monorail and MRT fares.

The card must be renewed annually. This year, the application can only be made online, unlike the previous years where it could be obtained from the Pasar Seni bus hub.

Some students who applied for the card last month claimed that it was still being processed and that they face a three month wait for it to be issued.

This means affected students are now forced to pay the full fare.

A parent, Siew Kam Cheong from Petaling Jaya, said the wait was too long and defeated the

purpose for his daughter as she would be finishing her studies in April.

“Last year, the card could be easily obtained on the same day after submitting the application at the counter at the Pasar Seni bus hub but now the application must be done online.

“My daughter applied in mid-January and is still waiting.

“By the time the card is issued, she will not need it anymore. In the meantime, she has to pay the full fare,” said Siew.

“Her friends are also in the same situation. Some of her friends said the card could be renewed at the Semantan MRT station counter but when she tried, she was told to wait for three months there too,” he added.

Siew’s daughter has to pay RM4.40 instead of RM2.50 per day for a trip between Taman Jaya and KL Sentral LRT station, both ways, for four days a week.

“That is about RM40 extra every month,” he said.

Another parent, P. Sheila, 48 from Puchong said her son lost his card last year and attempts to get it replaced online failed.

“His application was rejected as the study duration was less than six months from the date of application. So, I brought him to Pasar Seni bus hub to get the card replaced.

“He applied online on the spot but the system rejected his application again. The staff advised trying again this year.

“My son was also told that it would take three months to process the application which may be rejected because the study duration will be less than six months again.

“He is tired of being pushed around and is now paying the full fare for his journeys.

“He takes the LRT from Asia Jaya to Puchong Prima, which costs RM4.30 one way, every weekday. That is about RM90 per month which could be cut almost by half with the concession card,” she said.

Sheila said the staff at the bus hub were also very unwelcoming.

“My daughter and I, who accompanied my son, were told to wait outside the office despite there being many vacant seats inside. The staff claimed the seats were only for the elderly and disabled, but there was no one occupying the seats at that time.

“I had to wait outside along the pavement.” she complained.

A student from Kajang, who only wanted to be known as Jessie, was also in the same situation.

“I have been using the card since January last year. I got the card immediately after I submitted my application at the Pasar Seni bus hub. I applied for renewal online on Jan 22 and have been waiting since. I only got an email acknowledgement that my application has been received.

“Because of the delay, I have to pay RM3.50 instead of RM2 per trip between Bukit Dukung and Muzium Negara MRT stations,” she said.

A Prasarana Malaysia Berhad (Prasarana) spokesman said they are working on increasing their capacity to shorten the waiting period to accommodate the high volume of applications for concession cards.

“The response for Rapid KL concession cards has been overwhelming and Prasarana receives an average of 400 applications daily for student concession cards.

“For these cases, we would like to request the applicants concerned to contact 03-7885 2585 or email to for us to assist their applications,” the spokesman said.

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