In a fitting role as road safety ambassador

(From left) Lee, Adibah and MTA chairman Muhammad Fikri at the launch of Play Your Role campaign.

(From left) Lee, Adibah and MTA chairman Muhammad Fikri at the launch of Play Your Role campaign.

AS a multi-talented actress, singer and entrepreneur, Adibah Noor is no stranger to Malaysians for her bubbly and affable character.

Throughout this year, Adibah will be playing her part in educating the public on motor insurance tariff liberalisation in Malaysia through the Play Your Role campaign.

This campaign is the second phase of the National Consumer Education Campaign (NCEC) by General Insurance Association of Malaysia (Piam) and Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA).

As the campaign’s brand ambassador, Adibah will be highlighting important topics on road safety and promoting good driving habits in the country while educating consumers on how they can benefit by playing their role.

“We decided on Adibah because she has the ability to convey messages with ease to a broad spectrum of audiences, reaching out to all Malaysians and transcends age, gender, race and social status.

“Besides adding a personal touch to this campaign, she resonates with all Malaysians and seamlessly slips into any role assigned to her. We are confident that she is the ideal person depicting the role required to convey these important messages.

“Our ultimate objective is ensuring Malaysian roads are safer with less traffic accidents and road fatalities,” said Piam chairman Antony Lee at the launch event held at Bangunan Malaysian Re, Kuala Lumpur.

The campaign will run throughout the year with TV commercials, online and print advertisements, social media engagement as well as on-ground activations featuring the renowned personality.

“I am so happy to play my role in this initiative. Motor insurance is basically a coverage that we have been buying without much thought.

“The time has come for us to make a difference and play our role as responsible car owners and safe drivers.

“Play your role and enjoy more benefits and protection,” said Adibah.

Lee pointed out that the campaign highlights on three key pillars - to promote and educate Malaysians to be safe drivers, responsible car owners and smart consumers.

“Accidents can be prevented through safe driving habits like not using your mobile phone when driving and following speed limits.

“Scheduled vehicle maintenance reduces the risk of of road accidents while accident-free vehicles will help retain your No Claims Discount (NCD) for long-term savings and better risk profiles.

“Lastly, be informed on the variety of products and offers and choose wisely when making purchases,” he said, adding that Piam and MTA websites were now equipped with a Motor Product Selector which allows consumers to browse the various motor insurance or takaful products available and make comparisons before selecting a plan according to their requirements and budget.

In 2015, the number of road deaths stood at 6,706 and increased to 7,152 before dropping to 6,740 in 2017. The fatality index in 2017 currently stands at 2.34 compared to 2.59 in 2016.

Collaborating with major stakeholders, PIAM targets to reduce national road accidents by 20% for 2018 and 50% from 2020 onwards.

The NCEC supports the Government’s initiative to make Malaysian roads safer.

The liberalisation of motor insurance tariffs has been implemented in phases to allow time for consumers and the industry to familiarise themselves with the new operating environment. The first phase commenced on July 1, 2016.