Promoting a balanced diet for fasting children

Dr Nina (right) and Umi Fadzlon during the hand-over of a month’s supply of PediaSure nutritional supplement to Ractar.

Dr Nina (right) and Umi Fadzlon during the hand-over of a month’s supply of PediaSure nutritional supplement to Ractar.

A BALANCED diet and proper nutrition is essential to keep children healthy and active, especially during the month of Ramadan when a child may be fasting.

As part of its community outreach programme, Abbott Malaysia donated a month’s supply of PediaSure nutritional supplement to Rumah Amal Cahaya Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (Ractar), Subang Jaya, during a visit to educate and support the children with sufficient nutrition to sustain their day during the fasting month.

The orphanage also received Ramadan diaries with tips on proper nutrition intake during sahur (pre-dawn meal) and buka puasa (break fast) while encouraging them to keep track of their nutrition during this observance.

Abbott Malaysia medical director Dr Nina Mazera Mohd Said, who conducted a sharing session at Ractar, said the brand aimed to raise the importance of nutrition among children during the fasting month through this initiative.

“Some 60% of a child’s growth occurs in the first five years. These formative years are the most crucial as children have high nutritional requirements to support healthy growth and development.

“Children may opt for snacks and food that may not provide the daily recommended nutrient intake.

“Parents can support their children who are fasting with the right food choices and pairing them with nutritional supplements such as milk during sahur and buka puasa to help them get sufficient nutrients without compromising growth and development throughout the day,” said Dr Nina.

She added that parents could refer to the Malaysian food pyramid as a rough guide for the types of food groups for a healthy diet.

A recommended balanced meal based on the Malaysian Healthy Plate concept includes half portion of fruits and vegetables, a quarter portion of carbohydrates and a quarter of protein.

Joining the sharing session was Ractar children affairs manager Umi Fadzlon Sehat, who thanked Abbott Malaysia and its generous contribution while helping the children to understand the importance of getting the right nutrition during the fasting month.

“The children liked the texture and flavours of Pediasure. Even those who did not like milk previously picked it up,” she shared, adding that Ractar currently houses 28 children aged from four to 16.

Pediasure comes in three flavours – vanilla, chocolate and honey – in powder format, and available in three sizes: 600g, 850g and 1.2kg while the vanilla flavour comes in two additional sizes of 1.6kg and 1.8kg.