Video emerges of rats having field day in KL restaurant

KUALA Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) will start an investigation into a restaurant in the city after a video surfaced on social media showing big rats having the run of the kitchen. 

A customer, who is believed to have dined at the restaurant, took the video and tipped off StarMetro, saying that it happened in Brickfields.

However, other sources informed StarMetro that the video was taken in another restaurant in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

According to a representative of City Hall's health department, DBKL will take action against the restaurant once they have verified the facts.

“We will check the video and the two suspected restaurants. 

“However, the DBKL Health and Environment Department has yet to receive any complaints on the restaurant,” he said. 

The 41 seconds video clearly shows several rats coming out from hiding and converging on top of a bucket of raw ingredients.

The question of how hygienic restaurants in the Klang Valley are have come into sharp focus this week after after a viral video emerged showing workers from Raj’s Banana Leaf Restaurant in Bangsar, washing dishes in a puddle of murky water. 

This latest video is bound to turn the stomach of diners even more.

Metro , Central Region