Giving homes what they need

Many welfare homes for children would welcome schooling and art supplies as the new school year approaches. — filepic

Many welfare homes for children would welcome schooling and art supplies as the new school year approaches. — filepic

WHEN making donations to welfare homes, it is best to know what they need so you can collect suitable items.

In the #DaretoCare CSR campaign championed by Star Media Group and SkyWorld Development Group, the process to understand what welfare homes really want has already been carried out for the convenience of donors.

SkyWorld Development Group corporate communications head Serena Lim said the campaign had reached out to the selected charities to determine the items they really require.

“The homes are very thankful for non-perishable foodstuff, but many are also hoping for personal care items.

“These are items that they would have to fork out additional money for, on top of their rental, utility and other bills,” said Lim.

Some of the items they need include adult diapers, sanitary pads, toiletries and supplements, as well as stationery and art supplies for school-going children.

The suggested items have been separated into three categories: household and personal care items, dry food items, and stationery.

Items needed under the household and personal care category comprise shampoo, soap, detergent for laundry, floor and washroom, dishwashing liquid, bleach, toothbrush and toothpaste, body powder, hair gel, shoe whitener, Dettol, antiseptic liquid, Vicks vaporub, umbrella, adult diapers, candle, comb, containers, insect repellent, sanitary pad, as well as new clothes, shoes and school uniforms.

Dry food items needed are salt, sugar, flour, milk powder, Milo and Horlicks, coffee, tea, oats, instant noodles, rice vermicelli, rice, canned food, biscuits, and cooking oil.

The homes also need stationery in the form of pens, pencils, mechanical pencils, correction tape or pens, erasers, rulers, book wraps, crayon, water colour, scissors, colour pencils, A4 paper and colour paper, stapler and staples, cellophane tape, glue, notebooks, test pads, files, envelopes, and art blocks.

Things that should not be donated include used undergarments, pesticide and thinner, flammable products, automotive parts or hazardous waste, large electrical appliances, perishable food items, damaged furniture, mattresses or box springs, carpeting items, plumbing fixtures or building materials, uncertified infant products, books or magazines with inappropriate themes or broken homeware.

#DaretoCare campaign had distributed 50,000 copies of The Star in collectible brown paper bags for readers to fill with gifts or donations of essential items.

Another 50,000 paper bags will be distributed on Jan 13.

The filled bags can be dropped off at SkyWorld’s property galleries in Sentul, Setiawangsa, Bukit Jalil, and Setapak, from now until Feb 15.

The developer will collect and distribute the items to selected welfare homes.

The paper bags can also be obtained at any of the aforementioned property galleries.

For details, visit or catch the video at 12/19/spreading-joy-in-a-bag/.