No more second chances

The Ipoh City Council

THERE will be no mercy for those caught in the act of littering, the Ipoh City Council has warned.

Ipoh Mayor Datuk Zamri Man said the council will continue to take stern action against litterbugs in its bid to maintain its status as the cleanest city and the best local council in Malaysia.

“Those caught red handed will be asked to take back the rubbish they discarded and issued a RM250 fine.

“The act of issuing compounds is our last resort as other efforts to deter the people from littering remains unheeded,” he said in a statement.

“I hope Ipoh can retain its status as the cleanest city in Malaysia,” he added.

Zamri was commenting on an incident in which a man was caught red-handed dumping a garbage bag along Persiaran Perajurit 5, next to the North-South Expressway in Ipoh Garden East, last week.

The area is one of many recurring illegal dumpsites in the city created by residents and local businesses.

In July, the city council’s Anti-Litter Unit caught two people red-handed in the act of throwing rubbish along Lengkok Canning in Ipoh Garden. Both were asked to take back their rubbish and left off with a stern warning.

It was also reported in June that the city council has started to deploy plainclothes enforcement officers to go after those dumping rubbish.

Officers caught seven people disposing of rubbish illegally and tracked them back to their respective shops in Ipoh Garden South before issuing some RM950 worth of compound for not having proper rubbish bins.

Zamri said the city council should not be the sole party responsible for the cleanliness of the city, as it should also involve all parties, including the public.

He also said that as of Aug 31, the city council had cleaned up 1,673 illegal dumpsites 11 times and issued 2,405 compounds totalling RM507,400.

The city council has also conducted 78 community clean-ups and set up 621 “No littering” signboards in the city, he added.


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