10 advantages of being short

There are many advantages to being a smaller size, so this week StarMetro looks at 10 advantages short people have over their taller friends.

STANDING at 157cm, I call myself a person of average height.

However, people around me may disagree, and see me as vertically challenged.

People of my height and those shorter would have encountered instances where their height might have been used to compare the height of everyone younger but taller than they were.

No matter how much taunting you have received, being short is not the worst thing that could happen to you.

Haven’t you heard the saying “I am not short. I am fun sized”?

Then there is this great quote which says “God only lets things grow until they are perfect.

Some of us did not take as long as others!”

Here are some points to remind you that there are advantages to this shorter height.

Customers purchasing tickets at the Integrated South-Bandar Tasik Selatan Transport Terminal (TBS-BTS) ticket counters.

1 Look younger for longer

We cannot say this applies to all short people but I am sure you know a few petite people who look younger than their actual age.

You probably still get your identification card checked when entering dance clubs or wanting to buy a drink. We should take this as a compliment.

Looking like a teenager does have its benefits. For one, when you travel overseas, you can pass off as a student and pay only student rates for numerous things like transportation.

2. High heels? No problem: No matter how the heels you wear, chances are you won’t look overly tall next to your friends.

2 Higher heels? No problem

For the women we have our choice pick of heels as we will not have to worry about towering over people awkwardly.

A bonus for those who are short and have small feet is that shoe shopping feels like a breeze as there is always smaller sizes for footwear of your choice.

10. Less intimidating: Children find those shorter less intimidating compared to a person who is taller and bigger.

3 Less intimidating

A parent has shared with me that young children find taller people intimidating.

So being of average height (or some defined as short), we may seem more approachable to the young ones. But then things turn sour when these children grow up and tower over us.

Oh well, at least by then we would have cemented our place in their minds as the cool and approachable aunt or uncle.

4.People want to help you: Your small frame can sometimes give off the impression that you need help carrying your heavy load but we shouldn’t complaint unless they just think you’re a weakling.

4 People want to help you

People tend to be more forthcoming with extending a helping hand to us, especially when they see us carrying heavy loads.

While some may get a bit offended thinking the good Samaritan sees them as not strong enough, most of us will appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

9. Hiding is easy: If theres a certain someone you are trying to avoid, you can always use your tall friends to hide.

5 Hide-and-seek game advantage

As a child, you would have been a champion at hide and seek.

Now that you are older, you find this advantage handy when it comes to hiding from people you dislike or simply want to avoid.

Not to imply that you still hide in small spaces, but it is sort of like a “stealth mode” that allows you to go about unnoticed whenever you wish.

6. Leg space: Whether you are in a car or an aeroplane, you don’t have much trouble with leg space. If you’re driving or in the front passenger, your friends with long legs would benefit from the extra leg space they receive in the back.

6 Leg room

Whether you are in a car or an aeroplane, you do not have much trouble with leg room.

Your much taller friends will be pleased especially when travelling in a car and they are seated in the back behind you.

5. Premier spot in pictures: Shorter people don’t have to worry about not being seen in group pictures because we’re always asked to stand in front

7 Prime spot in pictures

Shorter people do not have to worry about not being seen in group pictures because we are always asked to stand in front.

Even if you try to run to the back, the photographer will usually yell out for you to come forward

2.It is easy for a shorter and smaller person to move through a crowd as they can see the gaps to push through.

8 Easy to slip through a crowd

It is somehow easier for shorter people to manoeuvre through a crowd.

Maybe it is because we are able to spot the available gaps and people do not really see us as a threat when we use a little force to push our way through.


9 Shielded from the sun

I am sure many of you have done this. It is a hot day, you do not have an umbrella with you and there is no shaded area in sight.

Your taller friends will understand if you use them as a impromptu shelter from the sun.

3. Mind your head :You don’t have to bother about these signs as chances are you are short enough to pass through without bumping your head.

10 Mind your head

You do not have to bother ducking your head when you come across a sign that says “Mind your head”.

This applies as well for low hanging tree branches and cobwebs.

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